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Hello there

My name is Heather Banker and I am the owner/photographer of Butterflies of Hope Photography by Heather, LLC.

I am a wife and mother of three beautiful children.  My children are my inspiration and the reason I left my career as a Registered Nurse after 21 years of practice to become a full time photographer.  I loved my nursing career, but I am passionate about photography!

I have learned that life goes by very quickly, and it is super important to do what you love.  My younger sister passed away suddenly at the age of 39 leaving behind 4 children.  This has taught me not to take anything for granted and to enjoy every moment possible with my family.

Her passing has also given me the reassurance of how important it is to document life through photography.  I am so very thankful that I have so many wonderful images of my sister to share with her children.  In many of the images you can see the bond between mother and child, the love that she had for her children.  I often share birthing pictures with Julianne, who was only two when her mom died, showing how much her mom loved her from the very moment she laid eyes on her.

Many often ask where my business name came from and well, this too was an inspiration from my sisters passing.  As I was photographing Julianne after her moms death, butterflies seemed to flutter around us to the point of being annoying. My mother reminded me that my sister would always say how butterflies were attracted to her.  My sisters middle name was Hope and she used Hope for both of her daughters middle names... and there you go....Butterflies of Hope:)

Thank you for stopping by my site and getting to know me!  I hope that you choose me to capture memories to last a lifetime for you and your loved ones!

Have a Blessed Day,


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